How to Contact the Companies You Love and Get More Coupons

Do you ever wish you had a coupon for your favorite product, but they just don’t seem to offer them? Or do you buy a certain product so often that you always run out of coupons? You don’t have to pay full price! All you have to do to get more coupons is ask! Here’s how.


Be Genuine

Most company reps will be able to see through your compliments and realize you’re just trying to score some coupons. It doesn’t mean they won’t give them to you, but it doesn’t hurt to be sincere. Pretend you’re writing to them just to compliment them and that you don’t expect to get anything out of it. What would you say that would demonstrate your genuine appreciation for their product? You don’t have to go overboard with your flattery – just make it heartfelt.

Tell Them Why You Love Them

If you want to be genuine, a surefire way to do it is to tell the company exactly why you love them. Think about their product and how you use it. If it makes your life easier in any way, tell them. Be specific about what you love about it. If the whole family enjoys it, tell them. What is it that makes their product better than others like it? Pinpointing something specific is much better than being general.

Contact Them the Right Way

Visit a company’s website to find out the best way to contact them. Most large companies will have a “Contact Us” section. Many will give out an email address where you can email your feedback, and many will have an automated box where you can send feedback directly from the website. In most cases, email is best. If they provide an address for real mail, consider sending a letter there. A company will recognize the extra effort it requires to send a letter over an email, and they might reward you accordingly. If you make a phone call, you’ll have to directly ask for coupons before the call is over.

Ask for What You Want

Many companies will be happy to send you coupons if you ask for them. They won’t always do it if you don’t, although many will. To be sure, end your email or letter with a polite request for coupons. Say something like, “I’d really appreciate it if you could mail me some coupons that I can use the next time I buy your product. My address is…” If they don’t ask for your home address in the website form, be sure to include it.

If You Fail, Try Again

To be clear, you should not repeatedly hound a company who refuses to send you a coupon. If you don’t get a coupon on the first try, however, don’t be afraid to try one more time. If a company ignores your request for coupons, just ask politely again. If they refer you to a website or mailer where you can find their coupons, politely say that you’ve used those and would love more. If it doesn’t work the second time, move on and try another company.  

Ashley Cole is a stay at home mother and avid coupon collector who loves to write. To ensure all her work is professional and abides by all grammar rules she routinely proofs her texts with a grammar checker.